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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Islam and All Religions Does Not Promote Violence Nor Peace - Reza Aslan in CNN&Fox

I am a born Muslim. But my father always told me do not inherit this religion from him.

He courage me to read and understand all verses in Quran and understand why I must worship Allah and be witnessed Muhammad is the last messenger of Allah.

This quest has bring me to a Church, Tokong, Kuil and Bahai Preacher.

And I could not be more agree than anyone that Allah is the Only God and Muhammad SAW is the last Prophet.

After all this years, I am still stupid because I always think Islam promote peace where I also believe there is no religion promote violence.

But Reza Aslan give different perspective of religion.

I quoted him in his interview with CNN and also Fox News which make him more popular and more hated.

"Islam like other religions does not promote violence nor peace"

Violence and peace both are already inside human being with or without religion.

This also does explain how Japanese Army can be so evil than devil himself in WWII. Yet, no one ever call Japan as terrorist because he bowed to America.

For me, no religion can be called terrorist for act some of their religion member.

No man and woman can be called terrorist for act some of their race or country member.

Even Christian exonerates Jews for despotic death of their God, Jesus in very very torturing and humiliating way.

Vatican give a reason as such;

"Jews today cannot be held responsible for Jews that murdered Jesus" and also the cruel death of all other Jesus disciples including Peter whom crucified upside down by Jews.

This was clearly and endorsement from Vatican City, supported by all Jews and Christianity exactly as what Reza Aslan said.

One committed peace or violence as it is their nature, where every creatures, human and animal born with it.
All religions is about to get the "bestest" value from inside human where evil and angel reside.

It is them themselves can choose to be or not to be, and no religions can be held responsible as one who committed violence is far deviated from any religions taught.

Everybody know all creatures born with brain, but not all creatures able to use it, not even all human.

Terrorist is heresy. Terrorist is not a religion, its ajaran sesat.

Terrorist doctrine is the deviated Religion from Christian, Islam, Buddhist, Hindu etc.

They come from all religions, they are terrorist with or without religion but to justify their cause, they blame and used religions asked them too.

TQ Reza Aslan for showing me the light.

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