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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Pasar Selayang: Please Allowed Rohingya Kill More Indian,

kill more Chinese and kill more Malay!
Indeed, they already kill us in business opportunity, job opportunity and also many of our civil and public rights.
Yes, we must allowed them to kill us all because we agree to accept them.
Less than 6months ago, Rohingya refugees was in the middle of the sea, helpless and dying.
Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand did not want to accept them because Government fear the problem they would bring to local people.
Turkey sent their Coast Guard to help where Prime Minister Erdogan currently facing his General Election, and many other countries ie Philipines, Arab Saudi, everybody want to show to the world that they are so “human”.
In Malaysia, Mufti, Imam, Muslim people demand Malaysia Government to accept them here to what I describe as feeding a stray dog and cat!
At that time, I only imagine that the bestest Rohingya can be is stray dog and cat for I did not realise they will turn and kill our people.
Here is my article on 15 May 2015, in Malay.
Enough is enough.
Leaders and politician, academician and Government Leader and people of Malaysia(the phrase sounds familiar is it), we must put a FULL STOP on immigrant problem in Malaysia.
We must increase their tax ie income tax, money transfers tax and also we must no allowed them to make business in Malaysia especially IKS/SME business.
In open economic principle, yes, the open sky formula must allowed all foreigner to do business here, and I agree to let them, but ig big scale business not SME.
Not Tyre Shop, Electrical Shop, Computer Shop, Restaurant and cook our food without having same vaccine injection with us, not Groceries and many others SME.
There is a law impose by SSM;
1. Foreigner is not allow to apply for SSM Business Licence for Enterprise but
2. Foreigner can register as one of Director and Share Holder in Sdn Bhd.
Those law is very fragile, weak, lame and old. This law, significantly allowed foreigner to do SME business in our country though did not allowed Enterprise ownership.
Even more, Malaysian law is always abou a conflict between Federal Power and State Power WHICH witnesses many power misuse, bribery, cronies etc.
Weak enforcement is equivalent to rasuah.
Many groceries, car wash, electrical shop, Plant Nursery, tyre shop, Restaurant(I must stress they did not take the same vaccine that local has in our body) that belongs to foreigner has no SSM License but they HAS LOCAL COUNCIL/PBT LICENSE.
Do you know PBT Enforcement routine check on license? Yes, high or almost every week they will come and check those area business premises.
But, SSM routine is different. Its yearly enforcement, NOP, I think its been 20 years SSM did not come to our premises and checked our licences. 
Why? They might think to apply for PBT License, applicant must also attach SSM License photocopy only they did not realise, rasuah is the way of life for PBT Officer. 
And also, the rules and guideliness for SSM and PBT license is not same.
We must change those rule!!!
No foreigner allowed to do SME business especially “keperluan asas” ie food, groceries, tyre, electrical so on and so fore.
The ownership rules must subject to 90% local and 10% only for foreigners in SME both SSM and also PBT licences.
Checking and enforcement must be held daily by local people where we must reward local for complaining and reward PBT for their rush.
We must teach foreigner to respect us, Malaysian! For, this is our country. Honestly, we has been taken away by our religion for century with those popular quote- takper Bangladesh, Pakistan, Rohingya Islam, takper India Hindu, takper China Buddha etc.
But, when they kill us both in physical and economy, never in their mind we are the same religion with them.
This must end before Malaysia suffered more and lost more to foreigners. 
If we keep our eyes shut, in 20 years, Malaysia will have a Prime Minister resembles Bangladesh or Pakistan, or Rohingya, or Kemboja for they did qualified as the 2 Generation born here is already entitle Warganegara Malaysia. 
I doubt where their loyalty at?

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