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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


** This article havent check for Grammar and written by a beginner. Apologise for poor English""

Ajaran sesat auto referred to Tarekat.

Its began on 1960's where many Indonesian Tarekat look forward to built its base in Malaysia. The climax was Ajaran Ibrahim Libya Baling Kedah where Police receive order to ambush the human barrier and so called terrorist armed forces.

Almost 20 peoples die on that very sad day for Malaysia.

In 1980's Arqam has rises with more money, more follower and more power. Somehow rather, its Chief has reflect wrong lifestyle and attract Government attention on him.

Again, in 90's many Tarekat has been classified as sesat with numerous accusation which most of it does not true at all, some doesnt make sense and some just more to justify Jabatan Agama Islam sanction towards them.

I dare to say and having credibility to said such because I was involved in Tarekat where most of what they said about my Tarekat was not true.

However, we accept the sanction because we agree some of the followers was mis-interpret and misundertand about what they learn. Their wrongdoing is unacceptable in a name of protecting Allah and Muhammad SAW taught.

More over, its not easy for Goverment to monitor and control Tarekat activities and its fundamentals. Therefore sanction seems to be the right way at that time because Government repeatedly claim IS, terrorist, Taliban and all generate from Tarekat.

After 20 years, IS has rises in many countries in middle east with hundreds of Malaysian join the forces and the most interesting part, they are no tarekat followers!

Its hard to understand and digest why and how they are not coming from Tarekat?

Yet today, SIS was another "Tarekat" dismissed as sesat by Majlis Agama Islam Selangor.

For many reason, Sultan has approved this and as Malaysian we uphold the Sultan decision because we vow as Malaysian under Rukun Negara, Kesetiaan kepada Negara.

In fact we also vow to be loyal and obedient to Allah & Rasul, but its doesnt stop Muslim from freely question HIS hukum.  Therefore, I ask for Sultan permission to question his decision.

Why? Because I believe in Allah, Quran, and Rasul taught about justice.

Sister In Islam must be proven wrong and not just said them wrong and its must be following Islam way which is a chance for them to defend themselves.

Im not holy, we are not, but its holy if we admit our mistake and uphold justice in Islam.

After all, I believe as long as a person perform all 5 Rukun Islam, then they are not sesat.

As muslim, I also would like to know is SIS perform, encourage and practice all 5 Rukun Islam especially solat, and if proven they did, we have no right to call people sesat.

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