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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Malala Yousafzai Is An America Tool/Hero, Islam Never Discriminate Woman Or Anyone

Malala Yousafzai is a Nobel Prize Winner for 2014 and yes, she is a victim of an ideology(Taliban not Islam), and we sympathized on what happen to her where she was shot on her head just because she want to go to school.

Malala supposedly is a Pakistan Hero, not America Hero.

She fight for woman freedom, right and equality, not only in Pakistan, but in whole wide world.

Unfortunately, Malala has been used and manipulated by "you know who" to tarnish Islam image where the bigger mission is to liberalise & globalise Islam according to how "they" want!

Islam is not great because Muslim are not just, oppress and discriminate woman and weaker people.

But Islam is GREAT because Islam is moderate.

Others than moderate is not a real Islam, its a misconception and misunderstanding about all religions which resulted to many new fake religion ie IS, Daesh, Terrorist, Slavery, Holocaust etc.

Watching Malala documentary "He named me Malala", I felt pity for Malala.

Not because she was shot on her head by Taliban, but because she think she survived from a Tiger, without knowing now she is with a snake that is more deceiving and torturing.

Malala thought she is free, but she only change her "master".

From Taliban to America.

The documentary, sadly, is not about Malala sacred cause and fight.

The documentary is more to an education programme educating all muslim girls "How to be good muslim girl" as what "America" want, not what as GOD want.

I am Malaysian.

Here, woman is more stronger than a man.

My mom working and woke up 4 am every day after fall asleep at 1 am.

But, they obeyed their husband, their parents and their society culture and believe. There are some cases of opposing, but both party keep their feet on the ground.

Confusing between cultural and religion happen in Malaysia, and all other countries especially in Arab.

As for me all Muslim must differentiate Arab custom and culture with Islam eventhough both are responsible in shaping Rasulullah SAW behavior.

Rasulullah SAW wont wear a jubah if Allah sent him to China. He wear jubah not because Islam forced him but because his people culture and custom wore jubah.

Rasullulah SAW wives and daughters may not go to work, or to school, but that is Arab Jahiliyiah culture and custom where Sahabat Saidina Umar RA reportedly buried his daughter alive as part of Arab Jahiliyiah culture.

During his time as Prophet, no Arab buried their daughter anymore, but obviously they need more time to "accept" woman as part of their administration.

If Muhammad SAW was born in a place where woman is a king, he himself will appoint woman as his "minister" or assistant after he became "a king" because Islam is a religion of truth and just.

Islam does acknowledge woman.

Prophet Ibrahim AS leave her wife alone with his baby which now "Siti Hajar run for water" is a compulsory routine in performing Haji.

Prophet Sulaiman AS allowed Balqis to be a king and did not smashed her kingdom to the ground etc.

But world today does not work simply that way.

There are many countries that believe woman has no place but inside house only. Perhaps inside their small bedroom, and kitchen.

Woman cannot drive a car, cannot work, cannot go to school etc. This is not Islam, this is Arab Jahiliyiah.

Funny things about Malala, America seems really care about her and sincerely love Malala so much, but she is not more than a tool for them.

Reza Aslan said it thousand time and I said it for 1001th time, woman discriminate in many Islam countries including, or precisely, leading by Arab Saudi and followed by others.

But America never mentioned or criticize Arab Saudi.

In fact they are many Malala in Arab Saudi, and perhaps, America can sent Malala to Saudi Arabia and tell King Of Arab that he should allow woman to drive and work in Saudi Arabia!

Why America never intimidate Saudi Arabia? I have no answer.

But why America will intimidate Saudi Arabia followers ie Taliban, Iran, Afghanistan, etc?
That is because they have no control over those countries!

Who shot Malala? Taliban!

Who created Taliban? America created Taliban to help them and their allies to win a war.

Who created Osama bin Laden?

Who created IS? America created IS to help them and their allies to win a war against Saddam, to bring down Mubarak and Gaddafi!
And now, America did it again, saving a poor little girl that so naive to believe in a name of freedom and woman right, America is so helping her!

I, as Muslim would like to convey this message to all Muslim.

We must differentiate between Arab cultural and custom that practice by Prophet because he born there, with Islam taught that practice by Rasulullah SAW because he obeyed AlQuran.

Al Quran and Islam never discriminate woman, or anyone regardless skin color nor ability!

And to non Muslim, if you see a violence, that is not Islam, and that is not even Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or Hinduism.

If you see hatred, that is not Islam, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, or even Bahai not even Atheis.

That is an ideology from a fraction from above faiths, and we must all unite against them!

Do not fall into politician and extremist trick that make us hate each other!

And yes, I said it again, Malala Yousafzai is an America Hero not Muslim hero!

She, like us may think we are special and right, but we are no more that a tool for them.


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