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Monday, November 9, 2015

Rosmah Mansor

I once did write a letter to Najib Razak. I applied for an Advisor postion, the 11th one. Since Rosmah Mansor also had her team of advisor, I did write to her too.

11th Advisor is a 10th man Rule that practise by Jews which assured Jewish people achievement today.

For record, Jews was only left few thousands from Hitler Mass Ethic Cleansing, and now, Jews not only rule the world by proxy(America), definitely, they lead world by their millions invention.

10th man Rule is a rule where there will be 9 person ie advisor, economist, scientist, lawyer, food expert that accomplish a study/task/search/decision etc and they will appoint another person, they called the 10th person.

10th person will find at any cost to oppose all nine person study/task/search/decision etc even in at many time, the 10th person is even agree with the other nine.

In example, 9 scientist perform a test and research and already agreed that sky is blue. The 10th person, even he himself agree and find the same as the other nine, MUST oppose the fact "sky is blue".

This was done secretly, and everytime Jews do something they are ready for their public oppose or so called the 10th man team.

Main reason behind my application is I want to be the 10th advisor to Najib or to Rosmah.

I want to be a voice from majority Rakyat lips.

Human behaviour, when you are at top, thousands flies will surround you and tell you wrong things until you cannot hear what exactly your Rakyat is saying.

As a person, I feel pity to Rosmah Mansor and Najib Razak as their age is as old as my parents age.
From that pity, I tried to help.

But, there is no reply.

Maybe, they like to hear only what they like to hear.

Now, I pray, between their hundreds advisor, there will be the 10th man.

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