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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Man Behind Paris Attack Is U.S

Because US protect people via political asylum and these people insult other people religion esp Islam and US did not take action, but continued to protect them.

And as Grand Prize for doing so, Paris Incident give EU and US Government a big, very big lesson.

Do not simply give political asylum to everybody. Worst, do not let those guy insult other religion openly.

Obama may give a talk on how important "a human respect others religion", but if he and US Government did not take action or continued giving those protection, than US is worst than the person they give protection.

From my perspective, US having this asylum as a good dog that barked on your behalf. The only question is, when Dog is too old, usually Dog Master will put them to sleep. Will US do the same to those Dog one day?

Recently, one of US Political Asylum holder insulting Islam.

This is clearly a provocation!!!!

Do not mention IS or whatsoever, even a loving cat also will retaliate if you provoke them.

Who knows, if the IS(if its is truly them not US behind it) wanted to go to US and give US Polyical Asylum a lesson but they stopped in Paris so decided to take their revenge there?

There is no doubt, no one would cause Paris Attack nonetheless Alvin Tan!!!!

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