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Friday, September 11, 2015

Chinese Unite Malay After 400 Years Split

Most Malay hate Chinese if they don't they still hate Anjing and Pork which Chinese really really like both of Allah creatures mentioned.

The hypocrite came from the fear of being racist which Malay should learn racist from Chinese. In fact, Allah is racist, Muhammad is racist, even Angel and human nature is racist.

Racism is a great value when you priorities your own family, community and race and YES racism is also a very bad value when you attack and disrespect other races.

And Anjing and Pork is a victim of human stupidity over religion where Allah will not create Anjing and Pork for no reason.

Well, Allah create everything for a reason which definitely for the good of HIS servant.

Allah SWT sent Chinese to Malaysia for a reason. For that reason, Malay has united, something they failed to do for 400+ years.

Chinese in Malaysia has come to Malacca since 1500's. They together with India helped Malacca become a very popular Trading Harbor in the world. Without Chinese Silk and Indian Bawang, Malacca is just an Island.

After the fall of Malacca due to Royal Greed, some Chinese stayed in Malacca where we know them as Baba and Nyonya where their culture is very alike to Malay ie Sambal Belacan, Asam Pedas(Baba Asam Pedas is the Best for me), Kari etc.

Since 1500's, since Malacca empire fall, maybe since before that Malay or Islam here never unite.

They rather rule by Portuguese, Spanish, Belanda, Inggeris, British Company and Japan instead of rule by their own race, Malay.

All Malay state refuse to unite and also refuse to appoint one of them as a leader to others.

To understand better, maybe the scene of Brethren Court in Pirate of Carribean where all 9 Pirates only vote themselves can shed some light of how Malays fail for 400 years to unite as one.

If Pirates has Jack Sparrow that come out with great idea of making Miss Swan or Mrs Turner as King Lanun, we have Onn Jaafar with Majlis Raja-Raja to unite the King and appoint YDP Agung by turn system.

Allah The Merciful save Malay by sent Chinese to Selangor, Perak, Kedah, KL as British mine worker.

The uniqueness and the great value of Chinese really frighten Malay.

The Sino War 1 and uprising Army has really opened Malay eyes, even the 20000 year of China Empire Emperor also can be defeat, so the 9 Sultan also is in danger.

Though MPAJA, Communist Malay by name Burhanuddin Helmi, Abdullah CD, and others fought dan defeat Japan together with British, but they were branded as terrorist in our history.

The rise of Communist Party and Communist Regime in China was a significance forces that at last enable Malay to unite as one as Federation of Malay Country which replaced Malayan Union Country, the first Country of our nation.

The timelines goes from Malacca State 1500, Negeri Selat, Negeri Melayu Bersekutu, Negeri Melayu Tidak Bersekutu and then Malayan Union 1946, Tanah Melayu 1948, Malaysia 1963.

The need of unite as one wasn't a must yet for Malay until Negara Malayan Union, an initiative of British Government to give Independence to this Peninsular was supported by all 9 Kings of Malay State.

Negara Malayan Union not only remove all Sultan powers but also enable every Non Malay becoming a citizen under almost no rules, where anyone including Chinese can be a "King" to this Democracy Country.

At last after 400 years, Malay at last unite and the main reason why they unite is because of Chinese.

So, the conclusion is rather than Malay hate Chinese an branded them penipu, pendatang, anjing, pork and others remark, Malay should be thankful to Allah because Allah sent Chinese here.

If there were no Chinese, Malay will never unite, and there will be no MALAYsia.

If there were no Chinese, Malay will keep on fighting against each other(Perang Saudara) over power and greed like North and South Ireland, Korea, Vietnam etc.

If there were no Chinese, Malay will not learn and evolve vice versa.

Our strength, is our differences, so let us together as Malaysia find one similarity rather than a thousand differences.



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