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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Mahathir Evil, Devil Then Satan?

Dear Tun Mahathir,

I am your fan since first time shook your hand when I was 4 in 1984. I am still you fan.

In 1998, though Anwar is my idol and my late father close acquaintance, I couldnt be more than agree with Tun, that Anwar is only a person.

His personal interest, agenda and wellbeing is below people interest.

2001 I cried when you resign openly, in UMNO General Assembly podium.

I read all you articles, your hope, dream and also vision about a "need to abolish DEB" sooner, or later.

I justifies all your doings, wrong or right.

Than, 2003 remarks your end of era.

I would like to camp outside your palace in Putrajaya for a month before your last day as Prime Minister to thanks your 22 years service as PM.

But, I am not an ass kisser like most people around you, so I didn't do that.

Though you are superior, a Prime Minister, for me you still a human.

Early 2005, I failed in my interview with Petronas, as I sincerely answered all question about Pak Lah. That's motivated about how much I love what you built for us but less taken care by your own self "pointed" successor.

Than in 2006 your problem with Pak Lah official kick off.

Pak Lah is and evil, you describe.

An evil that sleep, a sleeping beauty evil.

Yes, we trust you. I trust you.

You said Pak Lah is incompetence, hundreds of billion spends in Dreamland, and Pak Lah must resign as PM, or we must brought Pak Lah down.

Najib will bring changes, reform and save Malaysia, one for all, all for one, you added.

From an evil to an angel, you promise.

Dear Tun Mahathir,

We are naive.

Even I as a principle man, strongly behold to my believe that you are a normal human, but I also carried away by your promise.

A promise that Najib will come as a Holy Warrior and save us all from an evil(Pak Lah).

Not to long after you successfully 'crown' Najib as Malaysian 5th Prime Minister, UMNO did not make it better than Pak Lah in GE 13.

Then, suddenly your angel has turn evil. Nope, he is worst than evil(Pak Lah) you claimed, Najib is a devil!

I am 34 when your fiasco with Najib 1MDB started. Its been almost 2 years now.

I want to support you as always, to believe in you again and again even you let us down, again and again.

I tried very very hard to find a reason not to go against you.

And I did it, though many call me stupid by writing all the article in supporting you, and opposing the actual power in Malaysia.

I dont mind.

As long as I believe this fight is for Malaysian , for Malay, for Islam, I will fight and shed blood and tears with you.


There is always a question that looks for an answer.

Here is my question;

1. You handpicked prime leader are proven to be worst, and worsen everytime you change them, will it not be happen this time?

2. You ownself name Najib as an angel that will replace an evil(Pak Lah), but now you telling us that you mistakenly replace and evil(Pak Lah) with a devil(Najib), how could you do that to us?

3. What is your guarantee that Najib successor is better than him as your own record showed that you always replace us with someone worst than current one?

4. If Pak Lah is an evil, Najib is a devil, perhaps you will "award" us with a Satan himself as our next Prime Minister, so what is you plan to beat Satan as you will be 100 years old, 9 years from now?

From the bottom of my heart, sincerely I ask you to lead people to pray to Allah.

Allah has shown you many times that you are never right in replacing PM(you are right in many other things).

Everytime you "change" our Prime Minister you give us with new Prime Minister that make our life more miserable.

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