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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Masjaliza Hamzah and Marina Mahathir: Not all people are same and have your quality

Kudos to Centre of Independent Journalism executive officer Masjaliza Hamzah and Marina Mahathir from all non muslim and some liberal muslim.

Not to undermine their effort even its outdated yet noise, I myself has attend few Church dialog and last was in Jalan Gasing, Holy Mary From Christian dan Islam perspective in year 2001.

I still remember early 2000, you can have your bible copy in your room hotel drawer before Government has ordered all Hotel in Malaysia not to put any bible, quran or other kitab (thats when Mahathir is PM and Marina has power to fight for what she believe).

Since that night in Vistana Hotel, I read bible, I read Sokka Gakai bible, I read Bahai Book, I visited many temple in and outside Malaysia. The more I read, thanks Allah I still believe in one and only, Al-Quran.

I join Masjaliza Hamzah openness to read bible, to differentiate, to discuss, to translate and to achieve all religions main objective which is to find one and only Mighty God in their own way. Also to live a better life with all living creatures especially humans being.

However, I would like to remind myself and Masjaliza Hamzah that not all people are same. Many has less experience, only some has right minded, few with dignity and honor which the rest with evil, and very little has the quality like those who attend scripture reading event which saw people from different faiths gathering harmoniously in Penang and KLCC.

Your action doesn't reflect or tarnish Islam image, yet, its useless because none of them are Ulama, Ustaz, Mufti, Father, Sami, Priest, Pope etc that able to explain the truth behind each religion.

Truth whats religion make for, not fake yourself reading bible or Quran, but no one there able to guide you.

PS: Sorry for poor English as I am a learner, the quite one.

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