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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Happy Raya Mak

Hari ini Hari Raya, hari kita semua bermaaf-maafan.

As a son I failed to be a son.

Mak had give it all to me. Everything'sssss she have she gave it to me.

Since I small, I promise to her I will take care of her.

Time pass.

Years and years left and now I am a father to 3 sons.

No matter how hard I try to return Mak devoting in servicing me, I failed.

She  always there for me. Not only my physical need but also my mental and spiritual need.

She is an angel that always tell me not to hurt others. Not to revenge and stand smile even how bad people doing to me.

Even in this mean and sarcastic world maybe being good is not an advantage where people will bully you, but I am happy for what I am and thanks Mak for building me like this.

All the jasa may be forgotten, but I feel very sad because I was unable to return it to her.

There is no million or billion ringgit I would ask from Allah for Mak.

There is no BMW, big house or nice jewellery I would ask from Allah for Mak.

All I ask is Syurga or heaven for Mak. Because that is only way I could return jasa mak.
Please Allah.

Happy Raya Mak.

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