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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jews Turn Hitler From Zero To A Hero

Since I was small I knew Hitler as a devil. At least that what I watch from Televisyen, articles and also what have been told and taught to me.

Hitler was made so famous by Holocaust genocide where 11 millions was  been killed which is  1 million was a children, 6 million was a Jews, and others was a Gypsies, Slavs, communist, homosexual, the mentally and physically disabled and members of other groups.

By reading those facts of history, definitely his campaign cannot be accepted by any human beings. 

Moreover as Muslims where Islam teach compassionate, love, and forgiving, Hitler is really wrong in his doing.

However, nobody could really explain why Hitler did such a crime and cruelty till the day Jews bombs a School.

Today is the day Hitler will no more known as a devil. Hitler is now "my Hero” and if the 6 million Jews were not been killed by him, today, they might bomb not only a school in Palestine but they will bomb every school in world and they also might imitate Arab Jahiliah by buries every newborn baby girl and even baby boy alive.

Clearly, no one can explain why Hitler is very brutal and heartless, and no one can tell why Jews is far more brutal, heartless, and evil. Devil has new champion and they are Jews.

The course of fight against Jews is beyond religions, beyond skin colors, beyond cultures, beyond profit and loss in account ledger, and beyond whatsoever it might be and every living creature must fight against neither any holocaust neither Nazi Holocaust nor Israel Holocaust nor even the animal holocaust.

Let us fight Jews with love, compassionate and also mercy by teaching them those values by boycotting each and every product related to Jews. Let us all mankind rise and show the humanity power by not making business with them.  We can make a difference.  

As a conclusion, Jews has successfully turn Hitler from zero to a hero, a hero whom saved not only Palestine but the whole world and every human from Jews.

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